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Everything happening at Your Neighbor’s Flowers is born out of a love for the natural world. 

We pride ourselves on the diverse landscape of our farm. By working with the uneven terrain, we revel in finding creative ways to plant and grow flowers on every hill, in every bog and even around certain boulders. We uphold a deep sense of respect for the land and what it provides to us. That is why we choose to use organic practices in all that we do and are committed to no-till farming methods. Our passion for growing is only matched by our appreciation for our many community collaborations that make it possible to bring everyone locally grown fresh-cut flowers. Thank you from the bottom of our flowery hearts for making the success of this little farm possible! 

*Flower Stand Opening Mid-May for 2024 Season!*

Fresh cut tulips locally grown
Flower Farmer Florist
Roadside Flower Stand
Dahlia Flower Farmer Florist
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